eva & bert laudien

Bert Laudien, 1963

Bert Laudien, 1963

In on-going employment? Yes. In this society money must be earned the hard way. In my case a securing and appropriate means. My self-definition: through the challenge of creativity.

Drive from realizing that life in its purest form is nothing but perpetual change.

Bert Laudien

Several years of life-threatening illness triggered the insight that some of the destructive, self-limiting behaviour springs from our past formatting. Conversely, in actively lived presence lies the possibility of continuous "resolution" of unconscious legacies. Especially thanks to art new paths open up for this.

Bert Laudien

Over the years and with an increasingly far eastern-inspired point of view hundreds of drawings, paintings and a total of six books filled with poetry, short stories, various contemplations, illustrated with ink, pencil and brush stroke, were created.

Bert Laudien

In the course of the years image motifs and ideas expand from "predominantly portrait" towards more colour. However, without ever completely neglecting "the motif" as such...

Eva Laudien, architect, 1956

Eva Laudien,
architect, 1956

On the path of ceaseless growth, the eyes were long concentrated on those structured shapes and dimensions required by professional identification. It goes without saying that architecture should ideally always hold a not insignificant portion of art. That this portion one day "speaks up", emerges and insists on self-reliance is certainly not often the case, however, seems just logical.

Eva Laudien

What followed was illustrating a book and very quickly further steps by which creativity knew to confidently create its place.

Eva Laudien

For years sketches and drawings were brought into being almost in the "pass" before the idea arose to grant these "felt needs" more room & space.

Eva Laudien

It is therefore a natural development to express new impressions in art, all in accordance with fundamental willingness and technical ability.

The adjective - TOGETHER - often seems to lead a sober and simple life. Still and silent, behind the scenes, neither intentionally loud nor striking.

Eva und Bert Laudien

For Eva & Bert Laudien this concept is anything but secret, silent & coy or slightly off - it defines their relationship. Together is not only the title of a book they published, together is also the way they follow their life paths on all levels. Everything is influenced by their togetherness:

Daily life, daily creativity.

To complement each other, to enrich each other, value-free and with proper distance to a cumbersome ego, this seems an ideal breeding ground for freely flourishing creativity.

Eva and Bert Laudien

As a basis: the authenticity to see themselves as a unit, as a couple, and yet - in person and individually - participating at each other...

Located in Munich-Untermenzing Munich Eva and Bert Laudien create oil paintings and books: paintings, oil paintings, painting, portrait painting, acrylic painting, art painting, creative presentations, image and word, expression in image and word, art to order, art sales, art concepts , artist, cartoonist, art galleries, art gallery, art gallery, crafts, coloring, books, poems, poetry